The RSPCA has commissioned a comprehensive study on Welfare and Conservation Aspects of Keeping Birds of Prey in Captivity RSPCA (Grant Ref: W-15/92)

The UK-based Hawk Board has several guidance documents for falconers, display and demonstration providers, and other raptor keepers, including a Code of Welfare and Husbandry of Birds of Prey and Owls (PDF).

The International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF) has two documents on the topic of falconry ethics and raptor welfare:

The International Falconry Forum (IFF) has produced a Starter Pack PDF aimed at beginner falconers, and those using the IFF for the first time.

The International Register of Bird of Prey Professionals (IRBPP) was launched by Raptor Awards in 2017 as a "professional body serving the worldwide community of bird of prey professionals and those who depend upon them." Membership is open to all "individuals who work with birds of prey whether on a paid or voluntary basis, and those who promote raptor well-being. The Register enables bird of prey professionals to promote their competence and up-to-date knowledge and skills."

The Ethics Committee of the North American Falconers Association (NAFA) has produced an article on falconry ethics.

Raptor Awards provides standards, training and accreditation for all who wish to keep or work with birds of prey. Their growing list of quality-assured trainers/mentors currently includes providers in the UK, Estonia, and Florida, USA.

The South African Falconry Association (SAFA) has produced a 'Norms and Standards' document, and a starter pack for beginning falconers.

If there are other resources which you would like to see added to this list, please let us know.